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Axis financial advisers in sydney

Our Services



With over 60 years combined experience in the financial services industry, Axis is well positioned to offer our clients a broad range of services.


This enables us to provide holistic advice to our clients no matter what stage of life they are at, whether a young family, empty nesters or retired. These services can be provided in one-off advice situations, or in a combination of ongoing advice arrangements.


These services include:


The primary ingredient of achieving any objective is planning, as the saying goes, "people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan".


At Axis, Financial Planning is our core business and provides the best outcomes for our clients.


As we are all too aware, life is short and anything can happen, so you need to plan for the unexpected.


At Axis we offer our clients comprehensive advice in the area of risk management.


Bureaucracy can be an obstacle in many aspects of your life. Dealing with Centrelink, one of the largest bureaucracies in the country, can be problematic.


We offer our clients assistance in understanding their obligations, and ensuring they receive their appropriate Centrelink entitlements.


For those who are confident they have adequate plans in place, but would like an expert eye to run over their investment portfolio, we are happy to provide this service where possible.


Most people think of "investments" when they think of finance, but this is only one piece of the pie, albeit an important piece.

Hence, we offer our clients comprehensive advice in the areas of portfolio construction, and ongoing investment performance.


No one wants to pay more tax than they are legally obliged to, and we can help clients minimise their tax, whilst at the same time maximising their wealth.


Retirement can be extremely daunting, and inadequate planning only makes this all the more imposing. For that reason, many people put off retiring as they feel unprepared for the outcome. We can help our clients plan and prepare for retirement, so they can look forward to what will be one of the most enjoyable periods of their lives, rather than fearing the change.


Our final, and potentially most important offering, is our ongoing advice service.

This allows minor adjustments to your plan through incidental advice, as your needs, financial markets and legislative environment evolves over time.

why see a financial adviser?


Peace of Mind

We are often asked what our clients value most about our financial services and it's clear that peace-of mind is at number one.


When choosing a financial adviser, you are looking for someone who is acting in your best interests, aligned to your financial goals and objectives as well offering you a personalised experience.

Organising Your Affairs

Financial advisers are your best friend when it comes to being financially organised.


Financial advisers can really help you get your financial life in order by consolidating small super funds, checking for insurance policies that might be excess to what's necessary or reviewing share portfolios so that everything is in order.

Changing Circumstances

From getting married and giving birth, through to retiring and arranging for a loved one to go in to a nursing home, we can help put a plan in place to maximise your financial position and ensure you have peace of mind.

why see a financial adviser?
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