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About Us 



Financial Services has changed dramatically over the years and many new companies have evolved and just as many have fallen by the wayside.


Having been around since 2006,

Axis is here to stay.

We would like you to hear from the Licensee, George Kalil, as to why Axis Financial Advisers was formed, as we feel it helps you understand our philosophy.

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In February 1990, after working with various stockbroking firms for the previous 10 years, I joined the Financial Planning division of a major Australian bank.


I enjoyed considerable success in the early years, however as the years progressed the bank had moved its focus from the ‘client’ to the ‘institution’. Ultimately, this placed the adviser in a conflicted position in achieving the best outcome for both the client and the firm.


After 4 years of being placed in a conflicted position, I decided to move on to a non-bank aligned dealer group, RetireInvest.

I joined RetireInvest as it offered a franchise model, which in turn allowed a degree of autonomy, which was not available as an Authorised Representative of the bank.

At RetireInvest, I achieved “Adviser of the Year” in 2004 and was part of the most successful franchise in the country.

Unfortunately, the franchise was acquired by a large Australian Bank and I was once again in a position of having to deal with institutional obligations in the delivery of financial advice.

One of the biggest issues I encountered working under the major banks, was their desire to have clients invest in “managed” rather than “direct” investments. Hence, buying clients Blue Chip shares to eliminate the extra layer of management and reduce the clients overall fees, was considered “inconsistent” with the banks objective of maximising profit.

Therefore, it became increasingly evident that, if I wanted to be able to truly give impartial advice, without being influenced by a parent company to focus on maximising profit, I would have to obtain my own Australian Financial Services License.


So in October 2006, I obtained my own Financial Services License and formed Axis Financial Advisers.

George Kalil

George Kalil Dip.FP
Licensee and Managing Director

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