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Our Story

Financial Services has changed dramatically over the years and many new companies have evolved and just as many have fallen by the wayside. Having been around for nearly a decade, Axis is here to stay.

We would like you to hear from the Licensee, George Kalil, as to why Axis Financial Advisers was formed, as we feel it helps you understand our philosophy.

In the 1990's, after being a stockbroker for 10 years, I joined the Financial Planning division of a major Australian bank. Within the first few years, I achieved the status of being one of the top 10 advisers in the country. This success was built on quality advice and excellent service. However, even though I had access to an extensive recommended list of investments, I soon found out that my lack of support for "in-house" products had me at loggerheads with management.

After 4 years of dealing with these conflicting views, I decided to move on to a non-bank aligned dealer group, RetireInvest. I joined RetireInvest as it offered a franchise model, which in turn allowed a degree of autonomy, which was not available as an Authorised Representative of the bank. At RetireInvest, I achieved "Adviser of the Year" in 2004 and was part of the most successful franchise in the country.

One of the biggest issues I encountered working under the major banks, was their desire to have clients invest in "managed" rather than "direct" investments. Hence, buying clients Blue Chip shares to eliminate the extra layer of management and reduce the clients overall fees, was considered "inconsistent" with the banks objective of maximising profit. Interestingly, I was told by a rather honest compliance officer "reducing fees for a client constitutes a compliance risk in the eyes of the bank".

Therefore, it became increasingly evident that, if I wanted to be able to truly give impartial advice, without being influenced by a parent company to focus on maximising profit, I would have to obtain my own Australian Financial Services License. So in October 2006, I formed Axis Financial Advisers.

George Kalil

George Kalil Dip.FP
Licensee and Managing Director

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should join Axis;

  • we are privately owned and not part of a large financial institutions
  • we have access to highly reputable research houses and brokers, such as Morningstar, Mercer and Van Eyke, amongst others
  • we provide exceptional service to our clients and our low staff turnover rate means you are not dealing with a different person every time
  • we have access to a broad range of financial products from major companies such as ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, MLC , BT etc. which enables us to find the product that matches your needs, rather than making your needs fit "our" product.
  • but most importantly, we achieve excellent client outcomes, some of which are described below

Since starting our license, the most prominent outcome we have facilitated for our clients has been the ability to deliver a significant fee reduction, i.e. from an average of 2.7% to 1.5% p.a. In dollar terms this represents a saving of nearly $2 Million per year that our clients now enjoy and since setting up our license nearly 8 years ago, our clients have saved nearly $16 Million in fees.

It is highly unlikely this positive client outcome could have been achieved if we were simply an employee of a large Adviser group owned by a major bank.

Another outcome that we are proud of is the growth of our clients portfolio's. Pre GFC (i.e. July 2007) our clients had approximately $144 Million in capital. In the subsequent seven years they have drawn out an average of $10 Million per year in capital to live on and now have approximately $165 Million in capital today. Hence, most of our clients have more money today than they did prior to the GFC, even after allowing for pension payments, which is an achievement of which we are most proud.

How did we did achieve this positive outcome?

Our typical client portfolio is comprised primarily of direct assets, which is how we have added significant value, and has a combined Advice and Administration Fee of just 1.30% p.a. Furthermore, the typical client portfolio reflects our style of managing money, which is to gravitate towards Blue Chip stocks at a time when they are most unloved by the rest of the market and we can buy them at excellent dividend yields.

There are times, such as now, when bargains are unavailable in which case we access the expertise of "Real" Fund Managers, such as Platinum, Magellan, PM Capital, who we have supported over the years. Unfortunately, some of these great fund managers are not always available on major bank platforms as they are not prepared, nor do they feel they should have to, pay the "price" demanded by the bank.

What we are doing today is something the current government is trying to enshrine in legislation through the recent "Future of Financial Advice" reforms. Unfortunately, these reforms fall well short of being able to achieve its objective as there remains a conflict as long as the adviser is only able to recommend products owned by parent. In this situation, the financial planner is effectively a sales agent of the parent company, rather than an adviser.

So if you would like an Adviser that listens to you, has the freedom to recommend strategies and products best suited to you rather than the business owner, and has the support of industry leading research houses, you've come to the right place. Give us a call and make an appointment to see one of our Advisers.