Who We Are

Our Advisers

As previously stated, Axis is a privately owned financial advisory group situated in Parramatta NSW. The cornerstone of our business is our advisers and we are proud to introduce them to you:

George Kalil Image

George Kalil

George has been involved in the Financial Services Industry for over 30 years. Having started as a stockbroker during the 1980's, George eventually found his way to client advising and has never looked back. His first advising role was as a salaried adviser for one of the big banks. During this time, he won various awards for both the volume of business he wrote and the service he delivered to his clients. Unfortunately the bureaucratic framework that comes with being part of a large institution was hindering his ability to give client centric advice, and so, George decided to move on to the next chapter in his life.

This chapter entailed joining an at the time privately owned financial planning franchise, RetireInvest Parramatta. By doing so, George was able to give advice in a manner that was in the best interests of his clients, rather than his employer. This freedom allowed George to give more tailored advice, and move away from simply selling a product for the "bank". George remained at RetireInvest for 12 years, during which time he built up an excellent reputation in the industry, as well as a sizeable and loyal client base.

Whilst RetireInvest Parramatta was an excellent business, all good things must come to an end and with several of his business partners nearing retirement, the business was sold to another bank. Fortunately, George's efforts over the years in building up a client base afforded him the opportunity to once again move away from a large bank and commence his own Australian Financial Services License, which is Axis Financial Advisers. Since commencement, George has continued to service a broad range of clients from all over Australia and hence, the business continues to prosper.

William Gaul Image

William Gaul

William (or Will) is an industry pioneer, having begun in financial services in 1968, when the entire industry was very much in its infancy. As the industry evolved, so did Will and in 1987 he was made one of the first Authorised Representatives of one of Australia's large banks. During his tenure with the "bank" Will worked out of various offices, where he not only provided immaculate service and quality advice, but also acted as a mentor for the next generation of advisers.

In 1994 Will, who was by now a very well respected Financial Planner navigating an ever changing legislative and economic landscape for his numerous clients, was relocated to Parramatta and appointed the Senior Financial Planner for the entire region.

After many years of service, numerous awards and an immaculate compliance record with the "Bank", in 2009 changes to the industry and the opportunity to join an privately owned advisory group surfaced, which Will accepted with zest. Since this time, Will has maintained his strong reputation and built up a highly respected and successful business in the area.

Will has a plethora of experience and has most likely forgotten more about financial planning than most other planners even know. His expertise lies in preparing strategies for pre-retirement, retirement and post retirement clients, including the integration of tax effective investments, as well as Centrelink assistance, where applicable.

Michael Woolley Image

Michael Woolley

Michael has worked in the financial services industry since 1985 and has been providing personal financial advice since 1995. He has a Diploma of Financial Planning through Deakin University, is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) and is a Certified Financial Planner.

George Quinn Image

George Quinn

George has been involved in the Financial Services Industry since 1999, after moving from the automotive industry, where he was working as a production engineer. His entry point in to the industry was with a small company selling insurance over the phone. This role provided excellent experience in terms of client interaction; however, the tactics used posed an ethical dilemma, and in just 3 months George decided to move on to one of the larger institutions, where he would then work in Fund Administration.

After working his way to a position of Business Analyst, George moved to a relatively small advisory and funds management company called, Fiducian Ltd. Here he worked as a team leader for a short time, before becoming a part of their initial paraplanning offering. After 5 years at Fiducian, George moved onto RetireInvest Parramatta in early 2006. He initially worked as a paraplanner, and in 2007 George was made an Authorised Representative, giving advice directly to clients.

In 2014 George left RetireInvest and is extremely excited to be the newest edition to the Axis Financial Advisers group. As the newest and youngest Adviser at Axis, George is well positioned and looking forward to being your adviser for many years to come.

Our Support Staff

We are extremely proud to introduce you to our wonderful administration team; Amanda, Belinda, Brenda, Gail and Joanne, who boast nearly 60 years combined experience in the financial sector. Their extensive experience, friendly nature and professional attitude compliment the holistic advice provided by Axis. They are willing and more than capable, of assisting you through the various stages of the financial advice process, as well as answering your queries either over the phone or via email.